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Mix down workflow. Basics.
Mix workflow on a project with a few tracks (2-6..) using reverb on Master, and track Eq.


By now you should have a simple mix of your project, the mix that's been developed during the last weeks of composing/arranging and tracking.

- All tracks should be named.

- All tracks should be edited, the recording (regions in project window) should start when
   sound start and stop when sound ends. Take out everything that shouldn’t be there,
   (like coughs).

-  If necessary, make small fade inns and fade outs on regions.

1. Make a mixdown of this mix, we call this the rough mix.

 - Mixdown without reverb on the master track.

2. Delete all the paning, all use of EQ and other effects you have used.

3. Save the project using a new name (Save As...).

4. Import the rough mix to a new track of this newly saved project.

 - Place it so that it is in sync with the other tracks.

- Mute this track, you can then solo it to hear if your making a better mix while you are
   working with the new one.

New Mix.

1. Pan the tracks to a proper position.

- Focus track(s) (most important track), center.

- Bas and bas drum (low frequency tracks), Center.

- Pad tracks (like accompanying strings) pan left-right.

- If you have two similar tracks (like two guitars the play accompaniment) pan (hard) left-

2. Adjust the volume balance between the tracks.
-What (track(s)) are the focus point of your piece? Are they loud enough?

3. Adjust EQ of individual tracks (look at last lesson text for guidance, and have a look
      at figure 14.4).

   - Evaluate tracks presence, how near of far they are, the spectral dept of a track and
      how well tracks combine (does one track gets “in the way” of an other track?

   - If tracks doesn't sound like you want them to, RE-RECORD THEM.

4. Adjust the volume balance between the tracks.

- When you EQing a track you will alter the tracks level (volume), therefor you may need
   to readjust the individual track balances at this stage.

5. Add reverb to the master track and adjust mix between source and effect signal (Mix controller in Altiverb).

6. Check and adjust the master output, the highest (loudest signal should be just under 0.

7. Go back to point 1-6 and make fine adjustments.

Make a mixdown!

Play the mix for at lest to of your friends.

Listen to what they have to say (spontaneous comments). Ask them questions (remember what we talked about in the lesson, how do you collect honest response).

Play your mix on at least two different loudspeaker/rooms.

- Does the mix sound different between speakers? If what is the difference.

  Positive/negative aspects.

Play your mix on two different headphones (mp3?).

- Does the mix sound different between headphones? If what is the difference.

  Positive/negative aspects.