CMI Series III (1985)


16 voices of polyphony (expandable)

Sampling specification: 16 bits at 100 kHz (mono) or 50 kHz (stereo), System: 356 kB

Memory: 14 MB, expandable to 32 MB and maximum 64 MB on last hard revision (RAM RAM disk)

Dual Motorola 6809 CPUs, and one 6809 CPU for each voice card, one Motorola 68000 (to 68020) for waveform processor card

Synthesis: freeform waveform via graphics tablet; FFT; waveform editing

Keyboard: 73 note unweighted velocity sensitive (MIDI compatible)

Control: MIDI, SMPTE

Sequencer: CAPS (Composer, Arranger, Performer Sequencer), 80 track polyphonic, Musical Composition Language (MCL),

Hard drive and Tape DC600 Streamer (ESDI, SCSI), one 8" floppy drive


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