Hi and welcome to Mats Claesson`s Reaktor Tutorial pages.


Music is made with tools!


There are 12 tutorials, 3 are available .
These tutorial are written for a musician/composer that's primarily just that, a musician/composer. You only need basic mathematical skills to follow the tutorials, mainly the things you learned up to 3 grade (if you remember what that was about ;-))


3 free tutorials.

-Reaktor introduction (presets)
-Reaktor basic

-Delay and Grain Delay


For schools, please contact me,

The password protected tutorials contains 9 additional subjects:

- Envelope generator.

- Ring modulation and Tape Dec.

- Building a sampler.

- Granulation. The Grain Cloud Module.

- Building and using an Envelop follower.

- An introduction to the Table Module - (under revision).

- An introduction to the Audio Table Module - (under revision).

-Analyzing Weedwacker (under revision).

- Exercises New (under construction) (11 is written 3/3-10).
  This is (will be) approximately 20 Exercises to test and develop your programming skills.



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