Reaktor. Introuduction to preset/snapshot.

This is an introduction how to use the pre-programmed Ensembles, a Reaktor name for a synth, samplers or effect prossesor, in Cubase as a VST Instrument .

Even if Reaktor can be used as a preset type synthesizer its just so much more, Reaktor is a program where you build your own synthesizers, samplers, effect processors and MUCH more.

Having said that, in this lesson we are going to use Reaktor as a preset synth. Its nice that somebody else have build synthesizers for you :-) Can be a great time saver when you want to make music.......


Open a Reaktor as a VST instrument in Cubase.
Look at the picture below.

The window below should then opened, if it doesn't, look at the illustration below this one.

If you don't see the window above click on the E button, look at the illustration below.
Click on the blinking E (blinking in the illustration, not in Cubase).


In Reaktor the top level (the pre programmed instrument) is called an Ensemble. An ensemble can be compared

to a hardware synthesizer/sampler/effect machine.

To open an Ensemble, look at the video.

The video shows: there is no sound in this video

Now you see a lot of files with a Reaktor Icon to the left, these are Reaktor ensembles.In the video I clicked on Kaleidon .


Reaktor can automatically save your ensemble and all the editing you have done.
Look at the illustration below..


In Cubase.

Check that your MIDI track is sending MIDI to Reaktor. And that you have to use MIDI Channel 1! (chn:1 in the illustration).

Look at the animation below. (Reaktor 4 is only blinking in the illustration, not in the Cubase program)



Changing Presets.

A preset is a stored version of the settings of all the programmable parameters in the Ensamble,

Its called a Snapshot.

In the video below would se how you change snapshots.

Change to an other ensemble, Travalizer.




This ensemble is weird, how it works will be a mystery to you (for a while).

Travalizer obvious uses recorded sound.

Put your own sounds into Travalizer.

If you find something interesting Save!! And its a good idea to save to a new name like

Travalizer MyName. Take a look at the video below.

Go box!

This is an other type of Ensemble. It is a Drum machine that is synced to Cubase:s tempo.

Go Box will always have the same tempo that Cubase have.

To make Go Box start playing you have to press the Play button in Cubase.

Look at the video below.

Here is both “Save this instance.....” and “Automatic saving...” chosen.
I suggest that you use these settings.

All changes you do with your Reaktor Ensembles will be saved automatically.

Be careful to specified a folder where to store the ensembles.

The “safest” place to store is in a New folder inside your project.

Then all information about your project isstored in on place.


Snapshot, repetition.
A snapshot is a stored  version of all the settings of an Ensamble. You find the snapshots close to the top of Reaktor, look at the illustration below. “1- Set the Scene” is a snapshot (in GoBox).

If you click in the snapshot window you get a pull down menu. Here you can choose between the different snapshots.
Some Ensembles have just a few, others have plenty. In the illustration below you can se
Weedvacker:s Snapshots. The ensemble has so many Snapshots that you have to scroll the menu.
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