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This tutorial will guide you trough how to build a Granulation sampler. The finished Ensamble will be played from a MIDI keyboard.

If you want to know more there is a very good granulation tutorial here:

Reaktor granulation using Grain Cloud.
Reaktor has a beautiful module called Grain Cloud.
This module has all of the classical" granulation techniques easy accessible in one module.

If granulation agrees with you I strongly suggest that you get the fantastic book “Microsound” by Curtis Roads.

Start by opening a New Ensemble.

In this example I’m using the standalone version, but VST works as god as the standalone, atleast if you have the latest Reaktor version (5.12 or higher).

In the Structure window, open the Instrument module buy double clicking on it, look at the animation below.

Delete all the modules inside the instrument except for the output modules, look at the illustration below.

We are now ready to start building :- )
Right click in the Structure window, and there you choose:
Insert Module>Sampler>Grain Cloud, look at the illustration below.

Lets look at the very basics of Grain Cloud,
How to make a sound when playing on a MIDI keyboard.
This is how the first steps will look like:

The programming above looks like this:
There is a connection between the Len Output of the Grain Cloud Module and one of the Multiply Module inputs.

To build The Basic Granular Ensemble above, look at the video below.

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