Omnisphere ate my computer.

This is the weirdest computer problem I ever have come across.

First I love the Spectrasonic:s product range and Athmospere the most. It was quite natural to upgrade to Omnisphere. I have had it in the computer a couple of month now but so far I haven't used it a lot, until now.


As I’m not at home I haven't been able to update (you have to have the serial number to do that).

So I’m still on version 1.0h.


My computer is a Shuttle Barebone you can read about my system here, I’m running XP SP2.


The shuttle has two 2Gb Ram modules, Corsair Twin 2X40096-6400CDHX.  I got them because this is one of the RAM modules that Shuttle recommends.


I started on a project in Cubase (4.52) and here I used two Omnisphere VST instrument, one with Broken Circut 2 and one Burning Piano. I’m a bit uncertain about the preset names as I don’t dare to use Omnisphere any longer.


I also had 4 Reaktor VST Instruments, an Altiverb, and a Waves C4 on the master output and C4 on two of the Reaktor instruments. CPU was about 25%.


I then loaded one instance of UVI Workstation at this point it worked quite fine Cubase used about 580 MB.

I then loaded two other UVI instrument (instances), and Cubase just closed down......

The Task manager showed that Cubase was still using 640Mb.


The computer had to be reset using a hard reset.


After this I could only use about 640Mb of RAM for Cubase (don’t know if I could use more using an other program, didn’t test that).

After hours and hours of trying to find what was going on (I even bought a new set of RAM), it all boiled down to Omnisphere. It simply messes up the computers RAM making it impossible to use more than 60-65 %, and no Cubase project could be larger than ca. 660Mb, using just one RAM chip. With two it didn’t even boot.

What solved this for me was,

Power down, take the power plug out, take one RAM chip out, start Cubase again and NOT using Omnisphere, power down, Install the second RAM chip, power up again and then you have access to all of the RAM.


I won’t do anything more on this now, I will wait until I have updated Omnisphere.