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Exercises, jippi....
Here you will find a number of Reaktor/programming gymnastics.

Some of them are a bit difficult and there are a couple of modules that I haven't introduced, but most are converted in the Tutorials. Spend time time, try to solve them yourself.

How to work with the Exercises.
-Read the exercise text carefully so you understand what to do.
-Read the hints to get an idea of some off the key modules to use.

-Figure out what a module is sending and what a module need for input. Finding programing solutions (on this level) is much about understanding what is sent out and what a module needs to receive.

- If you get stuck, there is a programing solution link to click on, a new window will opens that show you a view of a Structure window.
This only shows you ONE solution. There are many. The ones that I will give you may not the best solution, they are only one way of doing it.

To help you further you can download the ensemble by clicking on the link in the solution window. There are exceptions to this and that is when a solutions builds on previous exercises. If there is no download link, its not supposed to be one ;-)

Don’t go to these solutions  to fast
(the programing suggestion and downloading the ensemble). You should strive to solve the problem your self. Jumping strait to my solutions will give you less less new knowledge.

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