Basic use of a multi band master typ of compressor.
This short tutorial shows how to put a mastering typ of compressor on the output, the master channel.


1. Open insert on the master channel.















































2. Click on one of the 8 slots and select a VST plug in in one of the 8 slots, look at the illustration below.






































3. Load a pre programmed setting, a Preset. Look at the illustration below. Chouse the Basic multi Preset.





































4. Adjust the Threshold level, that is at what level the compressor should start working at.

Look at the yellow line in the C4 display a god (?) setting of the threshold level looks something like this it the loud parts of the music.

Having said that there is lot of room for interpretation here. Use your god taste. To much is usually to much (that is to low level of threshold and the yellow line is at the bottom purple part constantly).