Time stretch in the project window.

Click on the Object select icon (marked with red in the illustration below).
In the popup window choose: Sizing applies Time Stretch.








Click in the sound clips right bottom corner and drag the file to the length desired (in my case I double the sound files length), look at the animation below).




































As default Cubase tries to do this as fast as possible. This may result in a time stretch that has some unwanted artifacts. To make a much smother time stretch you can change the time stretch algorithm.


To change the time stretch algorithm choose File>Preference, look at the illustration below.


































In the preference window chose Editing>Audio.















In the algorithm menu chose MPEX.
In the submenu chose a Quality and make setting that seems logic to you. Solo musical handles complex monophonic sound and the poly settings is best suited for complex polyphonic sounds (like a whole mix). Having said that, you have to try this out yourself, some of these settings produce unexpected (and sometimes nice) results especially if you make long time stretches.
























When you made your quality setting, click on Apply or OK to make it active, look at the illustration below. Go back to your sound file and try it out.




And, DON’T FORGET THE UNDO possibility, if you don’t like the result just do a ctrl-Z and the time stretch (last thing you did) become undone.






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