Lesson 4.


How to deliver assignments.


Remember what we do here, its about music/art and technology, in that order.


Explanation of what an equalizer, tone control, filter are.

A equalizer changes the energy level of a sounds frequency content.


Changing means increase or decrease the energy level in part of a sounds spectrum.

What is a sounds spectrum/timbre?
(page 209) Wikipedia links below

- frequency
”frequency is the number of occurrences of a repeating event per unit


- amplitude (loudness)

Loudness, a subjective measure of sound pressure

- timbre /

In music, timbre, is the quality of a musical note or sound or tone that distinguishes different types of sound production, such as voices or musical instruments. Timbre is also known in psychoacoustics as tone quality or tone color.


sounds specter.
This link gives a better explanation of page 211 fundamental, harmonics and overtone.


Applications. (also us this under Vision).

Page 206- 209

Lacks placement. (calls it depth or placement?)


Frequency response graphs
page 216.


The four basic filters.
(use Cubase Eq with graph, use voice as example)


- LP (page 217, Pass filters).

- HP (page 217, Pass filters).

- Shelving (page 222)
- Parametric (page 225)


Using an equalizer.

- Use a parametric filter to sweep through a sound. Find where a sound has its (spectral) energy.


- Vision how you want the sound to be.
(don't confuse this with musical performance).
Look at page 213, and applications

To much of a god thing is (in this case) NOT god (page 232, 240-)


Page 249 Vocals.


Page 257 Bass. Stylus


Piano.  VSL