This is the teachers memory sheet for the first lesson (Mustek10 and 21).

Welcome greetings.


Presentation of me.

Presentation of the students.


Introduction to the course.
Aims and standards:

- Its about art!
- Musical standard.

- Its about craft.
- Technical standards.

- Its about being visible and compatible.


The choice of software/hardware.
Comparability (software).
- Its not about the software.
- Its not about being exotic.

How to work.
- Describe the studio/historic view (with pictures).

How the lessons work.....

- Assignments, and how they should be delivered (may be Its learning)

- The Z disc.
- Two lessons on the Internet.


By the book.


Building work in the studios.

What kind of music and work can you do?
- You work with your music! (define your music).
- Compose/arrange/producing/engineering
(the different roles and how they affect the assignments).
- Using the studio for commercial work.
- Working with fellow students and people outside the academy.

Handling the equipment.

- Messing things up.

The equipment doesn’t work.

- Try the operation three tries, and start from start.
- Cubase reset.
- Computer reset.
- And you could always ask the teacher.


A tour of the studios.

Rules and regulations.
- Booking and un book!

- Rules, hand them out!


Backup of work.


Presentation of Yngve.


First lesson/assignments.