Listen to the microphone placements (pictures here).
How to open a stored Cubase project.

1. Go to the Audio Server disc Z. Disc Z is were you store all your work.

2. Go to the folder Lesson Mats,

3. Open the file 1.

4. When the session has opened it looks like this (look at the illustration below. There are 4 tracks in this project.
The top track is called 30 cm, and is the microphone that was closest to the performer. Next is 60 cm, third is named 120 cm and there is a fourth witch is placed all over the place.......

5. The idea with this project is this you listen to one track at the time asking yourself, how dose this sound, is the musician close or far, is the sound detailed or unclear, do you hear anything of the acoustics of the room, what track do you like the name a few questions.

Soloing a track and Mute the rest.
You do this “one track at the time listening” by clicking on the red SOLO button, look at the illustration below. Here is track 30 cm Soloed, the S button is clicked on and the S is solid red. The other three tracks are now muted. The yellow M button is on on all these is solid yellow. You are listening on the soloed track only!

To listen to the next track, just click on, mark, that track and the track will be soloed. Llook at the illustration below her the 60 cm track is marked (light blue, highlighted).

6. Remember to set the volume so its not to loud and not to soft. The loudspeakers volume is controlled with the Control Room Fader, circled red, in the illustration below.
Louder to the left and softer to the right