Mix down basics Cubase 5.


When your project is ready for mix down, that is

- The Master out level is set at a proper level,

- Volume balancing of individual tracks is adjusted.

- You have paned the individual tracks to a proper position in the stereo field

- You have found a nice reverb (Altiverb) and adjusted the source and effect signal to a suitable balance.


To mix the piece down:


Mark all the tracks.






































Click on the computer keyboard P key.
Cubase then put Locators at the start of the first marked region and at the end of the last region. The mix will have the length from the Locator Start to the Locator End.



































Open the Audio Mix down window.


































-File name.

-File format (wave).

-Sample rate and bit Depth.







































For mp3 mix down
- Click on Wave File, in the menu that pops up, choose MPEG 1 Layer 3 File.

















Sugested mp3 settings.









































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