Cutting a sound file, that's in the project window, into smaller parts.


Double click on the sound file you want to work with.



































The sound file is then opened's in the Sample Editor Window.











































In the Sample Editor window chose Hitpoints in the left side menu.











































Adjust sensitivity, look at the animation below. You will get vertical lines in the sample editor window.

These lines can be used to create smaller events of your sound file, in other words, cut it into small parts.











































To audition a single Hitpoints (that is the space between two vertical lines) click on the Edit Hitpoints below the Sensitivity fader (in the left side menu), then click on the event (between two vertical lines) to listen to it.

Move Hitpoint (vertical lines) by clicking on the small triangle at the top end of the line and move it to were you want it to be.


To make new Hitpoints, hold down the Alt key on the computer keyboard, the cursor then changes to a pen en you can draw new Hitpoints.

To delete a Hitpoint click on the small triangle and move it upwards and then release the mouse key.




To cut the sound file into new regions click on Create events in the menu, (marked red in the illustration below).










































Go back to the Project window, here you can se that the sound file is sliced into smaller parts , events.

































Move the events according to taste (se next tutorial for ideas).






































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