The Weedwacker ensemble, page 2.

First, find out what's making the sound,

Is it an oscillator or sampler or something else like a table, maybe a combination. Look at the Weedwacker Panel window. A god start could be to open the Oscillator module, it should tell us what's making the sound. Double click in the Osc Macro to open it in the Structure window.

I would expect that an ensemble that has such a rich sound had at least a couple of sound sources, oscillators,

but it certainly looks like there is only one, a Pulse 2-Ramp. Look at the illustration below, the oscillator is marked (red).

Change Oscillator-1.

We could try to change the oscillator.

Just to se what happens, will it change the sound a lot or little. In the two illustrations below you can see what I tried.

I first inserted an simpler oscillator, a Par FM. It only has three inputs compared to Puls 2-Ramp:s six.

Its a good idea to do as I did in the illustration below, first import the new Oscillator and then make the connections, one at the time!

Change Oscillator-2.

Here you can se that I have connected my new Par FM oscillator.

As you can se all the connections to the Puls 2-Ramp oscillator is still intact. It could be an idea to have a switch so I could compare the two oscillator, look at the next illustration.

Change Oscillator-3.

Here you se how it looks,

and of course I have changed the name of the Switch inputs and given the Switch module a name (Osc).

Change Noise fader setting.

I did also make a cosmetic change to the noise fader from a vertical to a horizontal fader.

Look at the animation below.

Stop for a while and listen to what happen when you switch between the oscillators,

You have to retrigger the note (play the notes again on the MIDI keyboard...) to hear the difference.

There is a difference but not a big one. It depends on the snapshot, but the tree first sounds similar. The Par FM oscillator makes a sound that is usable, I definitely want to keep it.

Adding a Sampler module.

Why stop here? We MUST have a sampler!

We don't have to but couldn't that be interesting? Look at the illustration below, I put the Sampler inside a Macro.

There is also a new Macro here, a Mixer. Here you can balance the signal from all three sources.

The oscillator Macro has changed a lot.

Look at the illustration below. Using a Macro to organize the modules helps you to organize the Panel window so it becomes simpler to understand the ensemble. You should start doing this kind of layout work from the start of your programming. It will help you to organize your work. Using Macros helps you remember what you have done.

Sampler Resynth.

I have used the Resynth sampler module and only made the most necessary controllers.

The only one that's visible in the Osc macro is Speed.

To make something visible or invisible double click on the module to open the Properties window. There you check or uncheck the Visible function. Look at the illustration below.

You could of course use any sample module you like,

the reason for Resynth is that I think that the Weedwacker ensemble produce sounds that are "new" and not "realistic". The speed lets me adjust how fast the sample will be played back and that gives me possibilities to do simple yet effective sound manipulation (like having a high pitch but looooow speed....).

Try it out!

So lets play!

I have my Sampler fader way down when I first tried the sampler Macro, as you can se in the illustration. When you start messing with an ensemble things can get WERY loud if you`r not careful. I always have the faders down......

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